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Recently one of our inspectors James delivered five kettles on behalf of GCS to assist the Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour in supporting families fleeing domestic abuse. 

The Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour has been working in the community for over 23 years supporting families, individuals and those fleeing domestic abuse in practical ways e.g., with clothing bedding, shoes, uniform, furniture, and white goods and they help on average 30 families or individuals a week. 

Therese Brook the Community Chairman of the Rotary Club said “kettles are always required for those who have nothing for making a hot drink, a cuppa soup, or an instant snack when there are no cooking facilities. Life is difficult and miserable for most of the people we support, I can’t emphasize the cheer a hot drink brings. On behalf of the people we are helping, a big thank you. They can now have hot drinks and snacks.”

GCS are very proud to be able to assist in aiding the fantastic support that the Rotary Club provides to the many families they help. 

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